Governor's Summit on Career Connected Learning - May 31st

GovSummit ProfileWashington State is initiating a series of efforts to both improve and support the business climate across the state.  1st up is the recognition of the complex series of issues of employment, finding qualified new employees,  and the growing impact of retirement  As a result of this wide spread issue, the Governor has requested a direct discussion with business to explore solutions through the Governor's Summit on Career Connected Learning on May 31st.

This first invitation is not for a meeting in Olympia or Seattle, but in 28 locations all around the state.  Business does not always get an invitation like this, so it will be wise for us to take advantage of the opportunity to have our voices - both urban and rural be heard and acted on.  Check out the event location map and get your business members registered for your regional location.

To access additional information about the Governor's Summit, click on the following links:

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WCCE Scholarships

For the upcoming 2017 WCCE Annual Statewide Leadership Conference, WCCE offers scholarships opportunities to its members in good standing.

Scholarships for the WCCE conference are awarded at a level of $100 or $200 scholarships.

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