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Have a question or issue that you need some feedback for your colleagues?  The WCCE Google Group Listserv is a great way to ask that burning question and receive input from your contemporaries who are successfully leading their Chambers.  If you are not currently signed up, contact the WCCE office at admin@wcce.org

AWB 2020 Spring Meeting

May 14 - 15, 2020
AWB’s Spring Meeting at The Davenport Grand Hotel is the annual gathering where Washington employers come together to gain new insights into the economic and policy issues that impact their business. It’s also a chance to network with other dynamic business leaders. 

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2020 AWB Upcoming Events

Workforce Summit
Date: 3/19; Tacoma Convention Center

Spring Meeting
Date: 5/14-15; Davenport Grand Hotel, Spokane

Policy Summit
Date: 9/15-17; Suncadia Resort, CleElum

New COVID-19 Document Sharing Category Established...

Depositphotos 16363919 s 2015Your WCCE membership grants you access to hundreds of documents, presentations, and forms that have been used by your Washington colleagues to run their chambers.

For the time being, the Resource Vault will be open to all Chamber professionals in Washington State.  A new category for COVID-19 related documents has been created that will house documents and information shared by Chamber Professionals.

You can click on the following to login in and access the library: WCCE Resource Vault

WCCE Salary & Benefit Survey


The updating of the annual WCCE Salary and Benefits survey is underway.   The annual survey of Washington State Chamber Executives is structured to determine comparable salaries and benefits for like size and structured Chambers.   To access the survey, click on the following:  Salary & Benefit Survey

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retirement makret

Join the monthly Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness webcast featuring the Retirement Marketplace online marketplace! Please pass this webcast opportunity to your Chamber's business members.

Tuesday, October 29, from 10-11 AM

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Private Social Network

WCCE currently hosts a “Private Social Network” entitled “WCCE Social”.  You’ll find the site on https://www.wcce.org .  Over the last year, we have been adding those who have attending the annual conference along with those registered on the wcce.org site.  Go to https://www.wcce.org/social and see if you have been added.  If not, send the WCCE offices an email to admin@wcce.org and you’ll be added.  You don’t need to be a WCCE member to participate.

Chamber Career Opportunities

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If you have a CEO position to post for your Chamber, contact WCCE to list your opening.  This service is free of charge to WCCE members.

Grassroots Alliance logo

Is your Chamber a member of the AWB Local Chamber Grassroots Alliance?  The Grassroots Alliance was established in 2014 with the support of 35 chambers of commerce across the state. Now, the 75-member group is furthering its goal to solidify and grow this local grassroots network to support the legislative and economic development goals of AWB and the chambers. To access more information, click here.

The AWBLCGA is looking for local advocates to have (or build) strong relationships with state lawmakers to be a key contact when critical issues need attention.  You can access a form to list your business leaders willing to participate: Local Advocates Form 

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Businesses win.  Employees win.  Communities win.

SharedWork is a voluntary business sustainability program that provides flexibility to retain employees at reduced hours.

This "informational video" gives an overview showing how thousands of Washington employers have used the SharedWork program to:

  • Support business stability
  • Retain skilled workers
  • Reduce payroll costs
  • Be a smart alternative to layoffs
  • Explore training programs that develop workforce skills

Click on "Hot Business News" for information you can send out to your members.

Washington State Tourism




WCCE Sponsors

Check out our WCCE Sponsors from the 2019 Conference. 

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Join the WRA for their legislative preview webinar on Nov. 6th.  For more information:  WRA Preview Webinar Registration

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Spearheaded by tStartupWa Logo A CLR2 300x83he Washington State Department of Commerce, the state’s entrepreneur and small business strategy is designed to strengthen communities through the cultivation and retention of economic and intellectual wealth at the local level.

Web Site: http://startup.choosewashingtonstate.com

Upcoming Events

2020 WFEA Annual Conference

Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue, WA

March 24-26

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AWB Spring Meeting

Davenport Grand Hotel

Spokane, WA

May 14-15

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W.A.C.E. Academy

Hyatt Regency

Sacramento, CA

Aug. 2-5


WCCE Annual Conference

Quality Inn & Suites Conference Center

Clarkston, WA

Oct. 21-23

More Information to follow

US Chamber Institute Sites

Madison, WI
June 7-11

Athens, GA
June 28-July 2

Villanova, PA
July 26-30


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