WashingtonTour.org WCCE sponsored Private Social Network for all chambers in Washington State.



    WCCE is sponsoring a Private Social Network for every chamber of commerce in WA, and within this online space we are creating a Group called (WashingtonTour.org) with the goal of representing all WA communities and over 5,000 tourism enterprises by the end of 2018!  

    Your Chamber is part of this exciting and groundbreaking Private Social Network. 

    By participating and working with WCCE and the other chambers, you will directly help all WA tourism businesses and your Chamber will make a major difference in the future of WA Tourism  - One community at a time.  

    This Private Social Media Group (WashingtonTour.org), is your private online space to work with your chamber colleagues online, share information and ideas, and participate in this groundbreaking program.  Your participation will help your specific community members, partners and businesses thrive online. 

    The information and ideas shared in this space will be the foundation for the future WA State Tourism and digital marketing program.   Chambers of Commerce are 267 strong across WA, and have always been on the forefront of Tourism - helping represent and tell their community stories like no other. 

    Thank you for your support and participation in the WashingtonTour.org Group.

    Exciting times ~

    WCCE.org ~

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    Monday, 25 September 2017
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