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The roadmap for volunteer leaders is the strategic plan. There are ways to create a meaning plan in just half a day without wasting time on games and group hugs. Learn how to use the plan to keep the board strategic, guide committees, empower staff, and inform members of the Chamber’s value. Lots of best practices to share; feel free to bring examples from your Chamber.

Bob Harris has 30+ years experience with associations, chambers and other nonprofits. His seminars are interactive, focused on core-knowledge and organizational (realistic) capacity. He utilizes case studies, trends and headlines for board orientation, training, strategic planning, staff training and consulting. He is the author of Association Management 101 Online©; creator of the Association Self-Auditing Process© and co-author of “Building an Association Management Company.



An annual orientation, or “refresh and blend”, is needed for a high-performing board. What to include in comprehensive training, tools to use, and a focus on the governing documents and their purposes. Also remind volunteers about risks such as copyright violations, antitrust laws, liabilities, discrimination, and harassment.

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