Board of Directors Files

David Woolson's Top Ten Values, Questions & Tips

Updated on 01 May 2017

  • Dave Woolson's Top Ten Advice

Developing an Extraordinary Chamber Leadership Team

Updated on 06 January 2016

  • PowerPoint presetation to the Voluteer Leadership Training Workshop

Execution after the Planning Retreat

Updated on 12 April 2021

  • Whose responsibility is it to execute the plan?

Guide to Better Governance - 2018

Updated on 21 February 2018

  • This guide offers smart practices and takes governance from good to great

Improving Knowledge Based Governance

Updated on 27 June 2018

  • ing asked to serve on a board is exciting. It is an opportunity to learn and demonstrate leadership skills, advance a cause and join a team. But the excitement wears off as the responsibilities for governance take over.

Kelso-Longview Cheat Sheet for the Chair

Updated on 01 May 2017

  • How to run a fair, efficient and democratic meeting

Lamination Works! - Bob Harris, CAE

Updated on 23 January 2016

  • Laminate for Impact

Leading with Intent

Updated on 27 June 2018

  • The best approach to approaching board meetings is be intentional.

Link the Strategic Plan to the Budget

Updated on 12 April 2021

  • A Strategic plan should be closely tied to the board approaved budget.


Updated on 27 June 2018

  • Onboarding - The process of integrating a new board member into the organization so they can be effective in their roles and responsibilities.

Returning to In-Person Governance

Updated on 28 June 2021

  • Associations adapted their governance processes during the pandemic. Moving from in-person to on-line boards meetings were significant changes that proved to be effective.

Signing in to the board or committee meeting

Updated on 21 February 2018

  • Multi-purpose sign in sheet to record attendance

Who Invited ELMO to the Meeting?

Updated on 18 April 2021

  • There is a fascinating practice among association leaders responsible for convening meetings. They invite ELMO.
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