Volunteer Leadership Files

Boardsmanship & Goverance

Updated on 11 January 2016

  • Quality Leadership Challenge - LeRoy Tipton

Build a Board Development Committee

Updated on 28 June 2021

  • Nearly every organization has a nominating committee. Its task is to prepare a slate of candidates for an election.

Committees can Make or Break a Chamber Chair

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • The incoming chamber chair ponders an installation speech to begin his or her term of office. Concurrently it is important to be strategic about managing committees.

David Woolson's Top Ten Values, Questions & Tips

Updated on 01 May 2017

  • Dave Woolson's Top Ten Advice

Demonstrate Strength in Uncertain Times

Updated on 23 March 2020

  • Now is the time to demonstrate strength, leadership and strategy. Members expect to hear confidence and solutions from their association. Associations have always been resilient, during wars, recessions and crisis. Boards and staff should portray a positi

Developing an Extraordinary Chamber Leadership Team

Updated on 06 January 2016

  • PowerPoint presetation to the Voluteer Leadership Training Workshop

Disappointing the Executive Director

Updated on 27 February 2018

  • Governance responsbilities between the executive and board

Hierarchy of Governing Documents - Bob Harris

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • A guide to the origin, purpose and application of seven governing documents for exempt organizations in the USA; listed in order of hierarchy.

Improving Knowledge Based Governance

Updated on 27 June 2018

  • ing asked to serve on a board is exciting. It is an opportunity to learn and demonstrate leadership skills, advance a cause and join a team. But the excitement wears off as the responsibilities for governance take over.

Lamination Works! - Bob Harris, CAE

Updated on 23 January 2016

  • Laminate for Impact

Leading with Intent

Updated on 27 June 2018

  • The best approach to approaching board meetings is be intentional.


Updated on 27 June 2018

  • Onboarding - The process of integrating a new board member into the organization so they can be effective in their roles and responsibilities.

President’s Messages Made Easy - Bob Harris

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • Advice to write a timely, relevant President column

Projecting the Agenda - Bob Harris

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • The purpose of an agenda is to guide the meeting through a series of discussions in order to achieve results.

Returning to In-Person Governance

Updated on 28 June 2021

  • Associations adapted their governance processes during the pandemic. Moving from in-person to on-line boards meetings were significant changes that proved to be effective.
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