April 9th Updates

on Monday, 09 April 2018. Posted in WCCE Blog

Let the Listserve, serve you!

The WCCE Google Group List serve has been updated and ready for your use.  When sending an email to the list serve, the email address is wcce@googlegroups.com.  When you hit reply to an email, it will go out to the entire group.  The list serve continues to be a great way to share your experiences and/or to ask your questions regarding Chamber management & leadership.

You won’t get ticketed for following to close

You can also connect to WCCE and your fellow colleagues by accessing the following…

How many days?

There is 189 days until the 2018 WCCE Chamber Leaders Conference in Pullman.  Mark your calendars for October 15 – 17!  Conference Agenda, hotel accommodations and registration will be posted to wcce.org soon. 

Request for Information

We continue to receive requests for board planning session agenda examples and ice breaker ideas.  If you would be willing to share your latest samples, it would be very much appreciated.  When sending your example(s), would you also indicate what worked well and what you would do differently next time.  Email to admin@wcce.org

Your “News” is good “News”!

New to the wcce.org is a “News Submission” form (https://www.wcce.org/members-area/news-submission).  Have you received a recognition, accomplished an education or professional goal, had a successful event or made a legislative impact…share it with WCCE.  It’s important that we acknowledge and celebrate our efforts to improve ourselves and our Chambers!

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