Chamber Planning Session Survey

Do you conduct a Chamber Planning Session? If "YES", please complete the survey to share the specifics of your planning session process. If NOT, let us know your reasons as to why in the "Additional Comments" at the end of the survey.

If you have a planning session agenda and/or ice breaker that you would be willing to share, please email either or both to

Thank you for your feedback. The results of the survey will be uploaded to WCCE Social on

Do you wish to answer the survey anonymously?
Do you hold a Chamber planning Session?

(If your answer is "NO", please proceed to the end of the survey and share your reasons for not conducting a planning session in "Additional Comments". Thank you!)

If you hold a Chamber planning session, how often do you conduct one?

If you conduct an annual Chamber planning session, what month do you normally hold it?
Do you hold your planning session outside your service area?

How long do you conduct your planning session?

Who is invited to attend the planning session?

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Do you normally secure and/or hire an outside facilitator?

What is your budget for your planning session expenditures?

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Please provide a detail list of expenditures for your planning session:

(Please break out what you spend on such expenses like copies, presentations, logistics, travel, facilitator, food, snacks, etc.?)

Do you conduct any prior planning and/or data gathering activities to your planning session?

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On a scale form 1 to 5, how would you rate your last planning session outcome?

(1 being a waste of time, 5 being very effective)

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