2020 OSCC - WCCE Virtual Conference Survey

What has been impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on your chamber operations.

Your input will be helpful in providing insight to better gauge how to deal with this serious economic challenge impacting the Chamber's ability to provide important services to the business community.

Please note that Friday, April 17th, WCCE will be conducting another Exec2Exec web call for Chamber Executives to share the latest on the COVID-19 impact effecting their community and chamber.

What is your current membership count?
Please rank the following general topic areas that you would like to see covered at the upcoming conference:

(Please vote up to four (4) of your top subject areas.  With #1 being most important to you.)

Please advise to any "OTHER TOPICS" (subjects) that you would like see on the conference agenda?
Please list any speaker/presenter that you would recommend for the WCCE Conference?

List their name, topic presented and contact information (if available)

Other comments

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