Olympia and/or Washington DC Legislative Visit(s)

Does your Chamber participate in trips to either Olympia and/or Washington DC during the year? By providing your involvement in either, the AWB Grassroots Alliance would be able to offer your Chamber resources to support your legislative visit(s).

From providing meeting facilities, AWB Staff and/or technical assistance, the AWB Grassroots Alliance wants ensure that your legislative trip produces the desired return for your Chamber's time and expense.

Please take a few minutes and provide the AWB Grassroots Alliance with your response as well as your interest in their support. Thank you for your response!

Have you attended a WCCE Conference in the last 3 years?

Have you attended either a W.A.C.E, ACCE or other Chamber focused conference in the last 3 years?

Please rate the following prospective conference dates that would best work for your calendar to attend the 2019 WCCE Conference in Anacortes:

(1 being your most favorite, 2 would be your second choice...to 4 being your least favorable) 

Are you more likely to attend a WCCE Conference if it was held over two (2) days then three (3) days?

What suggestions would you like to share to help make the WCCE Conference better?

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