2020 Conference Survey

The WCCE Conference Committee is currently planning the WCCE Annual Statewide Leadership Conference for 2020. The Conference is scheduled for October 21 - 23 in Clarkston, WA.

To help gauge the level of participation and issues impacting the success of the conference, the conference committee is requesting your help by completing the following survey.

During this challenging time that is impacting us all, the WCCE Leadership believes that more than ever, a face-to-face conference is vital. WCCE wants to know your thoughts.

Thank you!

I prefer to respond anonymously:
How would you describe your Chamber’s current financial status?
Over the next 4 months, how would you describe the prospects of your Chamber’s financial status?

(Ex:looking for an improvement to your Chamber's bottomline, will stay the same, will get worse, etc?)

How many WCCE Conferences have you attended over the last 5 years?
If you have not attended a WCCE Conference in the last 5 years, why not?
What aspects of the conference do you value the most?

(Ex: topics, networking with fellow colleagues, getting away from the office, etc.)

If the 2020 WCCE Conference being held in Clarkston, WA on October 21 – 23 is one that fits your calendar and the subjects covered are of interest to you, what are the prospects of your attendance?

Looking 4 months ahead, what might be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome in order to attend this year’s conference.
Please list any other thoughts or comments you have regarding the WCCE Conference:

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