WCCE Exec2Exec Zoom Call Survey

For the last 15 weeks, WCCE has conducted a Friday Exec2Exec Zoom Call. Attendance has experienced a range from 22 to 42, with an average of 33.

What’s next for the WCCE Exec2Exec Web Calls?

To figure this out, your input is requested. WCCE appreciates your time and feedback to determine the next steps. WCCE will provide a summary of the results at the upcoming Zoom call on Friday, June 26th at 10AM.

To register for this Friday's Exec2Exec Zoom call, click on the following link: Exec2Exec Zoom Call

How would rate the value of the WCCE Friday’s Exec2Exec Web Call?

(From 1 to 5, 1 being little to no value, 5 being extremely valuable)

Of the 15 Web calls over the last 3 months: "What would you say was your percentage attendance?"
What did you find most valuable about the Zoom calls?
What would you like to see changed or included on future Zoom calls?
What subject matter (or topics) would you like to see discussed or presented during the Zoom calls?
Would you like to see the Zoom calls continue?

(If you answer "Yes" to this quesiton, please provide your feedback to the next 3 questions)

How often would you like to see the Zoom calls held?

What day of the week would work best for the Zoom call (that would best fit your schedule)?

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What time of the day works best for your schedule?

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Please provide any other comments you would like to share about the Zoom calls.

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