2020 OSCC - WCCE Virtual Conference Survey

What has been impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on your chamber operations.

Your input will be helpful in providing insight to better gauge how to deal with this serious economic challenge impacting the Chamber's ability to provide important services to the business community.

Please note that Friday, April 17th, WCCE will be conducting another Exec2Exec web call for Chamber Executives to share the latest on the COVID-19 impact effecting their community and chamber.

1) Did you attended an Exec2Exec Zoom call during 2022?

2) If "Yes" to questiosn #1, approximate how many did you attend?

(There were 23 calls held)

If "No" to question #1, what was the reason(s) for not attending:

(click as many that apply)

3) Overall, how would you rate the Exec2Exec Zoom calls?

(On a scale from 1-5, 1 being no value to 5 being well worth my time)

4) What would provide more value to the Exec2Exec Zoom calls?

(Click all the apply)

5) How often should the Exec2Exec Zoom calls be held?

6) What day of the week would work best for future calls?

(Check all that apply)

7) What time works best for future calls?

(check all that apply)

8) Please list any other thoughts or comments you have on the Exec2Exec Zoom calls:

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