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Economic cycle readiness and the SharedWork advantage!

Even in good times, economic variations can affect your company and cause worry.

One worry: How to attract and retain your trained, skilled workforce during good and tough economic times.

The answer: The SharedWork Program! It has a proven 34-year track record of success with Washington state businesses.

Why SharedWork?

Why SharedWork? Credibility! Since the program was established in 1983, the SharedWork Program has helped business leaders learn how to use their unemployment insurance accounts for worker retention thus, saving jobs, saving payroll costs, and preserving their local businesses. Businesses have been saved thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in unemployment taxes. 99% of businesses who have used SharedWork would recommend the program to another business.

Recently, new program enhancements have been made to make it easier to navigate the website at The online application is simple and easy to complete and submit. Alternatively, the application can be printed, completed, and submitted.

Governed by state and federal laws, SharedWork does have some eligibility requirements. When you call 800-752-2500, a program specialist will provide you with a red-carpet style of government service. In 60 seconds or less you will know whether your business is eligible to participate in the SharedWork program. Simply have your ESD or UBI number ready when you call.

The SharedWork Advantage!

There are no costs and no tax consequences to submitting, having your plan approved, and readying your business for the future. The benefits to businesses are many, and we like to say: “SharedWork is a shared win! Businesses win. Employees Win. Communities Win.”

• Businesses use unemployment insurance to retain their skilled workforce and reduce payroll costs.
• Employees keep their jobs and collect unemployment benefits to make up for reduced hours.
• Communities stay strong when local businesses avert layoffs and make smart decisions to stay afloat.

Here is a testimonial from one Washington business:

"Our business has had its ups and downs, and without SharedWork, we would be forced to lay people off. Our employees are thankful we used it and happy they do not have to draw full unemployment. There are so many advantages to SharedWork. We do not know what the future will bring. Get approved for SharedWork!"

Spokane Galvanizing

Make the phone call today to prepare your business for tomorrow and bring peace of mind!

We are waiting to hear from you at 800-752-2500.

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