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Monday Morning Minute SurveyWCCE Chamber Relevancy Survey

Our goal is to better understand how our current Washington state Chamber professionals are feeling about the industry they serve and their role within. By better understanding your thinking, we can work to make WCCE more valuable to your needs and interests.

The survey is focused on overall Chamber relevancy, the role of social media, chamber competition and economic development. We encourage you to provide additional comments or thoughts that you have on each to help us better understand your input.

The survey has 15 questions with the opportunity to provide additional comments for each.  Your input will ensure the value of the survey to you as well as WCCE.  To access the survey, click on the following: WCCE Chamber Relevancy Survey

The results of the survey will be shared at the upcoming WCCE Conference in Moses Lake by Kevin Dwyer of Kevin Dwyer of Associates. Kevin has spent nearly 20 years in the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development fields in Oregon and Washington State, including 10 years at the helm of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce.

WCCE Salary & Benefit Survey

This is the annual survey of Washington state Chamber professionals to determine comparable salaries and benefits for like size and structured Chambers.

The WCCE Salary and Benefit survey results has been the most requested information from WCCE. In order for it to have the greatest value to you and your colleagues, a very high participation rate is a requirement. Your name and chamber will be held in confidence when providing salary and benefit comparisons. Thank you for participation in the WCCE Salary and Benefit Survey. For those participating in the survey, there will no charge for comparison requests.

To access the survey, click on the following: WCCE Salary & Benefit Survey

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