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Administration Files

Accreditation Self-Analysis

Updated on 31 March 2022

  • Accreditation Self-Analysis Survey for Local Chambers of Commerce Please use the following checklist to determine if you're ready to apply for accreditation.

Administrative Services Agreement contract

Updated on 29 January 2016

  • Chamber desires to retain the services of a contractor to perform various administrative services

Analysis Paralysis

Updated on 28 June 2021

  • Have you sat in a meeting knowing a decision had to be made while you watched the clock tick? So many ideas and objections are presented that the likelihood of reaching consensus dwindles.

Association Essential Documents - Bob Harris

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • The core documents to maintain a nonprofit organization. Be sure to rely on legal and accounting professionals for help.

Auburn Area Chamber Bylaws

Updated on 27 January 2016

  • Bylaws for the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

AWB - Issue Brief

Updated on 10 May 2018

  • I‐1433 Paid Sick & Safe Leave

Board "Sweet Sixteen" Self Evaluation - Dave Kilby

Updated on 25 January 2016

  • 16 Questions to rate yourself and your Chamber

Board Orientation Workbook 2021

Updated on 05 January 2021

  • Comprehensive board of directors' governance manual

Bonney Lake Executive Director - JD

Updated on 19 April 2021

  • Executive Director Job Description

Bylaws - Bremerton Chamber

Updated on 11 January 2016

  • Bremerton Chamber Bylaws

Bylaws - Enumclaw Chamber

Updated on 11 January 2016

  • Enumclaw Chamber Bylaws

Bylaws - Snoqualmie Valley Chamber

Updated on 11 January 2016

  • Snoqualmie Valley Chamber Bylaws

Bylaws - Walla Walla Valley Chamber

Updated on 11 January 2016

  • Walla Walla Valley Chamber Bylaws

Call for Nominations - Lake Chelan Chamber

Updated on 31 October 2023

  • The Lake Chelan's Chamber notice to the membership for board nominations

Canadian Chamber Accreditation Application

Updated on 27 January 2016

  • Application for Large Chamber Accreditation with Distinction
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